The Human Needs Board serves as a limited financial resource for District 2-A2 Lions Clubs when a request for help goes beyond the charity budget of the club. Unified action to provide assistance consists of regional club support and help from the Human Needs Board.

Procedures for Requesting Assistance
from the Human Needs Board

Club Request for Assistance Application

When a club in good standing in District 2-A2 and Lions International receives a request for assistance that exceeds their ability to meet, they shall coordinate with their Zone Chairman to solicit assistance from the clubs within their zone. The results of the solicitation will be described on the Request for Assistance submitted to the Human Needs Board.

The club shall download a Request for Assistance form from the Human Needs Board tab on the District 2-A2 website, complete the form and submit it to the secretary of the Human Needs Board. All portions of the form must be completed to constitute a valid request for assistance.

The Human Needs Board shall review and respond to the request within 10 days of receipt of a valid Request for Assistance form. The response will be in writing from the secretary of the Human Needs Board to the secretary of the requesting club.

The Human Needs Board will match the funds of contributing club(s) up to a maximum of $500.00. The Board, by majority vote, shall have the discretionary authority to contribute a maximum of $500.00 should the contributing cluss be unable to donate a sum of $500.00. All checks from the Human Needs Board will be sent to the club who will be responsible for depositing the funds in their Activity fund and be remitted to the appropriate person or business.

A follow-up form will be sent with the check to the requesting club. The form will request a description of the requesting club’s efforts to make public the contribution the Lions have made to support members of the community. The requesting club will be asked to submit pictures which can be published in the District 2-A2 Newsletter, website and Facebook. Obtaining photo releases, provided by the Human Needs Board will be the responsibility of the requesting club.

Human Needs Board Constitution