Hearing Aid Program

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#1. Doctors referral letter
#2. Six month’s of bank records
Failure to supply this your application will not be considered.
Once approved we will arrange for your testing using our audiologist.
We cover all fees related to the test, molds, and fitting’s.

To receive application click HERE.

The Lions District 2-A2 Hearing Board offers the following services:

For adults residing within the 21 counties of District 2-A2, hearing aids are available if the individual is financially within a certain percentage above the Federal Poverty Guidelines as listed each year in the Federal Registry.  Adults eligible to obtain hearing aids through Medicaid or Social Security Insurance (SSI) are NOT eligible to receive hearing aids through the District 2-A2 Hearing Board.  Medicare currently provides hearing tests, but does not provide hearing aids.  A completed hearing aid application and copies of income and expenses are required.  Individuals should contact their local Lions Club to request the hearing aid application form.

Constitution & By-Laws