Herb C. Petry, Jr District 2-A2 Hall of Fame  District 2-A2 Lions in the Texas Lions Hall of Fame

Elevation of Lions of District 2-A2 into the Hall of Fame is bestowed upon one who has been outstanding in using their time, talents and resoureces to further the  cause of humanitarian service. Selection is made by the Hall of Fame Committee.

Minimum standards to quality are:
• Be an active member with at least 15 years of service.
• Having provided outstnding and decicated service to Lionism.
• Having provided other than Lionistic service to the community, state and nation.
• Having accomplished special achievements in, or contributed to, humanitarian service for those less fortunate and
• Not having solicited in any manner for the this recognition, which automatically eliminates the solicting candidate for that year.

Herb C. Petry, Jr * Namesake 
M.P. “Mike” Butler Charter Member
Reynald H. “Rey” Costa  * Charter Member
Lytle Blankenship Charter Member
Mel Smith * Charter Member
Michael “Mike” Rourke Charter Member
D.H. “Dick” Alphin Charter Member
Jim Blocklinger * 2004
Juan “Johnny” Olivares * 2005
Ernesto “T.J.” Tijerina 2007
J.R. “Ray” Castillo 2008
Dr. John H. Seale 2010
John Kimbrough Appointed Member
W.E. “Curly” Williams * 2011
Margaret Blankenship Appointed Member
William “Bill” Mechler * Appointed Member
Sam Pantusa Appointed Member
Carl Gibbs 2012
Pat Carroll * 2013
Henry Simms * 2013
Frank Barlett * 2013
Bill Barker 2013
LaJuana Newnam-Leus 2014
John Cole, Jr. 2015
M.D. “Mac” McCain 2015
James ‘Jim’ S. Long  2016
Ramona “Monsi” Marquez  2016
Alice Lopez  2017
Howard “Howie” Marbach  2017
 * Deceased  
The purpose of the Texas Lions Hall is to bestow an honor upon outstanding Lions in the State of Texas who have given unselfishly of their time and talents to further the cause of humanitarian services.

 Herb C. Petry, Jr *  1972
 Frank Robertson *  1973
 G.S. “Sealie” McCreless *  1982
 Reynald H. “Rey” Costa *  1985
 M.P. “Mike” Butler  1986
 ”Zot” Zottarelli *  1988
 Sidney Schwartz *  1991
 Lytle Blankenship  1994
 Mel Smith *  1997
 Michael “Mike” Rourke  2000
 D.H. “Dick” Alphin  2003
 Jim Blocklinger *  2006
 John Kimbrough  2009
 Ernesto “T.J.” Tijerina  2012
 Dr. John H. Seale  2015
 * Deceased